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Cullen Hoback’s Documentary What Lies Upstream

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Water and Soil Testing Campaign

 Your regulators and environmental policemen are not doing their jobs. 

 It’s time we change that. 

 We don’t need a wall between Mexico and the US, but we do need a wall between science and politics. 

 It’s good for scientists and for politicians. And it can restore faith in the system again. 

 To make a change, we need to admit that we are facing an invisible problem. 

 Like we saw in Flint and West Virginia, it’s up to you and your community to expose it. 

Tweet @LiesUpstream and @EPA to tell about your community, if you want your water to get tested.

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Protect your water

1. Look at local water quality reports, or CCR - consumer confidence reports. They can be found on your local water system website and are updated in July of every year.

2. Use a basic water filtration system. From activated carbon filters to reverse osmosis systems.

3. Get a lead test kit.

4. Don't use antibacterial cleaning products. Choose non-toxic household products whenever possible.

5. Never flush unwanted or out-of-date medicines down the toilet or the drain.

6. Spread the word and be a water advocate.

Reviews & Interviews


“environmental horror film” Matt Cohen, Washington City Paper

“couldn’t be more timely” Liz Calvario, IndieWire

“quietly devastating” Joe Leydon, Variety

“proves anyone can make a difference” Travis Bean, Film Colossus

“must-see viewing for all Americans” Traverse City Film Festival

“provocative and scandalous” Myrocia Watamaniuk, Hot Docs


Traverse City Film Festival, Traverse City, MI — Jul 27, Jul 30, 2017

AFI Docs Film Festival, Washington, DC — Jun 15, 2017

Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, WA — May 28, Jun 3, Jun 4, 2017

Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, Mammoth Lakes, CA — May 26, 2017

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto, ON — May 2, May 3, May 5, May 6, 2017

Ashland Independent Film Festival, Ashland, OR — Apr 6, Apr 8, Apr 9, 2017

Dallas International Film Festival, Dallas, TX — Apr 2, Apr 3, 2017

Sonoma International Film Festival, Sonoma, CA — Mar 31, Apr 2, 2017

ArcLight Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA —  Jan 31, 2017

Slamdance, Park City, UT — Jan 20, Jan 22, 2017


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